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Is your diary based on some blogsystem?
No, this website is coded from scratch by me and myself in PHP and MySQL.
But the source talks of "Dvergur CMS", what´s that?
It is my nickname for the underlying system. It is too small to be called a proper CMS system, so the name Dvergur (Dwarf) seems appropriate.
So do you have any experience in programming?
Not really. I did teach myself the basics of PHP from a book, and based on that I wrote the first version of the diary logic. After taking a PHP/MySQL course at school I´ve now rewritten it all from scratch with more functionality than before and hopefully a little more flexible.
Why bother?
Whell, it´s just a hobby. Trying to work out a decent structure and solve all the little problems is something that I like and I´m quite willing to spend a lot of time on it.
Since you have made a whole page about the website you must have something more to say about the logic of it all?
Yes, there is a lot to be said, but that´ll have to wait a bit.

This is where the stalker feast really begins. The lowdown on me, my website and all the details that nobody cares about - but I still think are interesting.

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